Comprehensive Marketing Package


Integration of all packages – Included
With our comprehensive package, we assume full responsibility for your entire marketing ecosystem, ensuring amplified results through seamless integration. This all-in-one approach encompasses everything from your email marketing to lead magnets and landing pages, all meticulously aligned with your website. Moreover, the content we create is not only cohesive but also versatile, allowing for strategic repurposing across social media and email campaigns. The ultimate goal? To boost your leads and sales through a unified and efficient marketing strategy.

Marketing Website – $1000 to $3000+ plus $250/month
1. Complete management and creation of a website that has exceptional for design, branding and content.
2. Increasing the functionality of your website to better help manage different aspects of your business.
3. Comprehensive content and copywriting for your website, blending informative elements with strategic lead generation techniques
3. Free hosting, maintenance, free regular updates and continued optimization of your website.

Useful applications and features – $1000+ / month
Includes extremely useful applications and features such as website appointment book, email/sms appointment followup/cancellation system, website job posting application, website 5 star review display application, online payment gateway, live website chat application, ai-powered website chatbot, and lead magnet creation.

Local SEO (Pro) – $1500/month
1. Creation and optimization of your google my business page
2. 4 monthly locally-focused pages with content that links your dental service, your industry standards and your specific locale.
3. Creation of 100 listings, citations and directory submissions initially, and 30 more every month.

SEO (Pro) – $1500/month
1. Keyword research and use of our highly effective content planning system
2. Technical on page SEO (meta descriptions, body tags, url structure, keyword density, mobile friendly, schema, xml sitemap, page speed optimizations and more)
3. 30 backlinks to your website each month to increase site authority.
4. 6 articles/blogs creation each month (up to 6000 words)

Reviews generation/management system – $300/month
1. Incorporating a email/sms marketing campaign that uses follow up to induce emotional response to generate google reviews and reduce feeling of inconvenience.
2. Creation of landing pages that gives suggestions for longer reviews with more keywords for better rankings and testimonials.
3. Ongoing maintenance of the system and following up with reviews to enhance a positive reputation.

Feedback Collection System – $200/month
1. Incorporating a email/sms marketing campaign that uses follow up to induce emotional response to generate feedback and reduce feeling of inconvenience.
2. The use of our comprehensive, customizable, feedback form creation process to create the best form you need to gain the customer and industry insights that you need.

Email Marketing System (Pro) – $2000/month
1. Creation of 4 different email segments
2. Creation of a lead magnet (up to 5000 words)
3. Creation of 10 newsletters every month

Social Media Marketing (Pro) – $2000/month
1. Setup management and posting to 3 social media platforms
2. Monthly creation of 25 social media content (poster, reels and edits) and an infographics
3. Community management and engagement