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Why choose us for hosting?

You are a busy business owner. You don’t really have time to do the necessary time to maintain and develop your site, especially the technical aspects of it. Your site is also pretty complex and has a lot of different plugins that need to be updated. You will also use the business website as an integral part for your business and would need it to be constantly updated with content, images and new designs. Having us host your website also gives you a piece of mind to know that your website is being taken care of in the hands of professionals and that you can rely on us if there is ever an issue.

Cheaper Alternatives?

If you run a pretty basic website that doesn’t require much change and will likely be static for a long time, minus the odd text or image changes that you can do yourself once a few months, you can just allow us to develop your website and transfer it to a cheaper third-party provider. Some of these providers also provide you with a free one-year domain name, backups, and 24/7 chat support. With our web design packages, we can set up everything with your new host and make sure that your website is up and running free of charge. In case you need us in the future for any support or website changes, we offer affordable hourly rates as well. We recommend the following third-party host as they provide a free domain name for a year, unlimited websites, backups, and good support and has a promotional rate of $4/month for up to 3 years. We’ve also worked with them in the past and hence offers a smooth transition.

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