Comprehensive Marketing for Dentists

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Why settle for a stagnant dental business when you can achieve greatness? Acorn Marketing presents a groundbreaking approach that guarantees explosive growth and jaw-dropping results. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter marketing services that drain your resources without delivering real value. It’s time to experience a tailored marketing system designed exclusively for dentists, giving you the unfair advantage you deserve. Don’t miss out on the success that’s waiting for you!

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Watching this video will show you why you are letting many clients and customers walk away by not implementing these marketing strategies that are tailor made for dentists.


Learn About revolution marketing strategies tatics that dental practices market more effectively.


How to attract new leads through a variety of different channels and how to can effectively convert them into repeat clients.


How to improve existing client relationships and increase repeat business and upsell potential.


How we can help you implement all these strategies and tactics with minimal effort to you.

Cracking the Code to Dental Success: This Method Delivers Big Results – Here’s How!”

Our method works because we take a comprehensive approach to lead generation and revenue growth. We prioritize building your brand, reputation, and addressing all customer concerns, ensuring effective conversion when implementing our marketing tactics. The key is to reduce as much friction as possible at the point of sale. Unlike other marketing companies, we focus on both acquiring new clients and nurturing existing ones for potential new business, recognizing the significant revenue potential from repeat business. Our multifaceted strategy utilizes various inbound lead generation techniques, tapping into diverse sources for new revenue streams. By combining these elements, we maximize your success by reaching a wider audience and capturing leads from different channels. With our holistic approach, your dental practice is set up for long-term success.


Email Marketing – $1500/month

Our email list management service sets us apart from other marketing agencies because we recognize the significance of repeat business for dental practices, which often accounts for 80-90 percent of their overall revenue. Unlike agencies that solely focus on acquiring new clients, we understand the immense opportunity that lies within nurturing existing patient relationships.

By prioritizing your current patient base through targeted email campaigns, we help you maximize repeat business and unlock the full revenue potential within your practice. However, our approach goes beyond purely transactional interactions. We believe in building lasting patient connections and generating good will. That’s why our service includes thoughtful gestures such as sending personalized birthday wishes and holiday greetings to your patients. These genuine acts of appreciation not only strengthen the patient-practice relationship but also foster a sense of warmth and loyalty. With our tailored approach and strategic email list management, we ensure that your existing patients receive the attention they deserve. By keeping them engaged, informed, and connected with your practice through valuable content, promotions, and thoughtful messages, we enable you to tap into the full potential of your patient base.

We also understand the effectiveness of sms marketing as it will be opened and read by 80-90 percent of your clients and hence we will help you craft clever upsell to your clients using this method.

Email/sms marketing can also dramatically improve your conversion rates when it comes to clients landing on your website(through numerous amounts of different ways). With clever use of lead magnets and email follow up sequences, we can develop a strategy to capture leads, nurture them, and better convert these people into clients.

Choosing our service means embracing the power of repeat business, recognizing its substantial impact on the success and growth of your dental practice, and going the extra mile to build meaningful and lasting patient relationships.

Local SEO – $1500/month 

Local SEO, as its name suggests, targets a specific area as opposed to SEO’s national or international scope. It puts your business on the map, literally, aiming for visibility in Google’s 3-pack and maps for local searches.

Our strategy begins with optimizing your Google My Business (GMB) profile. We maintain its activity, respond to user queries, conduct competitive analysis, and ensure correct category allocation. Regular posts and updates keep your GMB profile relevant and engaging.

We then develop web pages merging your services with your operational locations for increased local search relevance. Our content for these pages combines your expertise, industry standards, and local context to establish meaningful connections.

Finally, we focus on boosting your online authority. Through continuous creation of citations, directory listings, and backlinks, we aim to improve your Google ranking. This consistent growth in quality backlinks enhances your perceived online authority. With this comprehensive strategy, we aim to maximize your online visibility and customer reach.”

Review Generation/Management System – $400/month

In today’s digital landscape, online reviews play a pivotal role in business success, enhancing credibility, and boosting local SEO rankings. However, without a structured process, positive experiences may remain untold, skewing your online reputation towards those with negative experiences that are more likely to leave a review. Our unique system addresses this by implementing an effective review generation strategy, focusing on securing detailed, insightful reviews that aid clients’ purchasing decisions and improve search rankings. 

Our process integrates with email and SMS marketing services, encouraging customers to leave reviews via personalized reminders that aim to elicit a positive emotional response without causing inconvenience. We guide clients to a dedicated landing page with tips on crafting impactful reviews, ensuring compliance with Google’s guidelines. 

In addition to generating reviews, we offer effective review management, crucial for maintaining online reputation. We navigate prompt, professional responses, particularly to negative reviews, reflecting your dedication to customer satisfaction. Our comprehensive approach drives customer engagement, fosters trust, and enhances brand credibility, ensuring a positive reputation with existing and potential customers.

Web Design for Dentists: beautiful, informative , and Impactful -$1000-$3000+

As a dedicated marketing agency, we pride ourselves on creating not just websites, but powerful online marketing tools that meet your dental practice’s needs. Unlike traditional web design companies that lack a structured content process, we’ve developed an efficient method to deliver the right content onto your website that is not only informative but also designed for lead capture and drive sales.

Not only will your website be good look great for brand, have great content for marketing, but it can be used for a lot of other functionality as well. Need to have web visitors chat with your receptionist directly form your website? Having appointment booking? Allow your clients to their bills without coming into your office? Having a job posting board? What to have an ai chat bot to answer frequently asked questions from your web users? We got you covered.

We will help you manage and host your website and you are able to make changes for you on the website as well which is all included in this package with no extra upsells.

Feedback Collection SYstem – $200/month

In the dynamic business world, customer feedback is critical for understanding customer needs, understanding your marketplace and driving growth. You can also use feedback to enable data driven decision making, improving efficiency and allow a proactive outlet for you client to resolve issues, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

At Acorn Marketing, we offer a comprehensive, customizable feedback process tailored to your business needs. We analyze your existing feedback collection method or create a new one, employing varied design options to build an effective feedback form.

Integrated with our email/SMS marketing and combined with our review generation process, the automated system prompts customers post-sale to fill out the feedback form, harnessing positive testimonials while obtaining valuable insights. We adjust our approach based on customer interaction to avoid inconvenience.

We will help you create the right customer feedback form for you with our feedback collection creation process. Designed to adapt to your specific needs, it offers an extensive array of design options, ranging from multiple-choice questions to open-ended ones, interval and ratio scales, and more. With a strategic blend of general business queries, customer-specific questions, customer service, product-focused concerns, competitors and industry insights it ensures that no aspect of your business is left unexplored. Make use of this tool to fine-tune your operations, enhance customer experience, and accelerate growth, all while ensuring a balance for ease of completion to encourage response rates.

SEO – $1500/month

 Distinct from many SEO agencies, we concentrate on crafting valuable articles that enhance your brand and generate leads. Rather than gaming search engines, which is pretty much impossible these days, we focus on meaningful content that earns organic traffic. Even the term ‘Search Engine Optimization’ can be mystifying; we propose a clearer perspective: creating a “bigger and better website for long-term goodwill, branding and rankings”. This rebranding lessens confusion of what SEO os for business owners  and moderates expectations, and yet, organically yields keyword ranking. We can provide your a list of relevant article/blog ideas and its keyword scores in relations to keyword difficulty and number of searches, but we actually think maybe you would likely know what resonate better for your customer and industry in general.

Of course we will also take care of the backend technical SEO parts such as keyword research, technical on page seo, and link building back to your website to increase website authority.

Better content and copywriting – $500+

Our team of talented content creators specializes in generating high-quality, custom content tailored to your unique brand message. We firmly believe that ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t apply in content marketing, and that’s why we provide personalized content strategies and solutions. 

Our unique approach uses a three-pronged approach of customer Psychology, data-driven approach, and your specific business practices to intersect to form the sweet spot: your content. This depiction serves as a visual reminder of how we approach content creation, ensuring that each piece of content we produce for you is tailored to your specific needs, resonates with your target audience, and aligns with the latest data driven insights.

Your Collaboration for Success

While our expertise lies in handling the planning, technical and challenging aspects of marketing, we believe that a collaborative approach yields the best results. Your active involvement in promoting your dental practice plays a vital role in this partnership.

Primarily, your commitment to providing outstanding dental service lays the foundation for all our marketing efforts. Happy, satisfied clients are more likely to share their positive experiences, write glowing reviews, and recommend your services to their networks. These actions inherently boost our marketing strategies, resulting in a more effective and organic promotion.

Further, your input in creating and sending us promotional materials is invaluable. Your perspective as a dental professional can inform us about the latest treatments, technological advancements, unique services, and much more. These insights help us tailor our content strategies to highlight your specific strengths and differentiators, ensuring we market what truly sets your practice apart.

Additionally, visual materials such as pictures and videos are crucial for online marketing. High-quality visuals of your dental clinic, team, and successful case studies can significantly enhance your website and social media platforms. They help in humanizing your brand, fostering trust, and making potential clients feel more comfortable even before they walk into your clinic.

Finally, regular communication and feedback on our marketing strategies help us fine-tune our approach and ensure we are meeting your expectations. Your insights into the industry and your specific practice will guide us in making necessary adjustments for the best results.

In conclusion, while we strive to alleviate your marketing burdens, your active participation greatly amplifies the impact of our efforts, propelling your dental practice towards greater visibility, reputation, and success.

Useful Apps and Feature

This package will not only include a variety of marketing channels that help you increase your revenue but it also comes with a lot of useful apps and features that can increase the operational efficiency of your business. Everything below are included in this marketing package as well.

Appointment Booking webapp from your website

Empower your clients with the convenience of online appointment scheduling directly from your website. This feature allows you to efficiently manage, schedule, and track all appointments in one central place, ensuring your clinic’s operations run smoothly.

Automated Appointment Reminders

Minimize missed appointments with our automated email and SMS reminders. This feature not only sends out timely reminders to your clients but also provides an easy option to cancel if needed, ensuring efficient utilization of your schedule.

Job Posting Platform

Streamline your hiring process with our job posting application. Post job openings directly on your website and receive applications and resumes from potential candidates. This feature enhances your recruitment efficiency and reaches a broader pool of talent.

5-Star Review Display

Boost your clinic’s reputation with our review highlight application that showcases your 5-star Google reviews on your website. This feature helps you leverage positive client experiences to attract new ones.

Online payment gateway

Ease your payment collection process with our online payment integration. Whether through Stripe or PayPal, this feature allows your clients to settle their invoices using credit cards, debit cards, or PayPal, making transactions seamless and hassle-free.

Live Website Chat Application


Enhance your client service with our live chat feature, enabling website visitors to connect directly with you. Whether it’s fielding inquiries from potential clients or addressing existing clients’ concerns, this application fosters quick and efficient communication.

AI-Powered Website Chatbot

Harness the efficiency of AI with our chatbot feature, designed to handle frequently asked questions and provide round-the-clock support. This feature saves your time and resources while ensuring that client queries never go unanswered.

Lead Magnet Creation

Expand your client base with our lead magnet creation service. We design compelling lead magnets to attract potential clients, capturing valuable information such as email addresses and phone numbers, essential for lead nurturing and conversion.



Email Marketing System - $1500/month

1. Email marketing Strategy 
2. 5 monthly newletters creation
3. Management of your email lists including tracking, lead scoring, categorization, and upsells.


Local SEO - $1500/month

1. Creation and optimization of your google my business page
2. 4 monthly locally-focused pages with content that links your dental service, your industry standards and your specific locale.
3. Creation of 15 different newsletters on useful topics for these segmented group plus 5 new newsletter created monthly.
3. Creation of 80 listings, citations and directory submissions initially, and 20 more every month.


Reviews generation/management system - $400/month

1. Incorporating a email/sms marketing campaign that uses follow up to induce emotional response to generate google reviews and reduce feeling of inconvenience.
2. Creation of landing pages that gives suggestions for longer reviews with more keywords for better rankings and testimonials.
3. Ongoing maintenance of the system and following up with reviews to enhance a positive reputation.


Web Design for Dentists: Beautiful, Informative, and Impactful - $1000 to $3000+

1. Complete management and creation of a website that has exceptional for design, branding and content.
2. Increasing the functionality of your website to better help manage different aspects of your dental practice.
3. Comprehensive content and copywriting for your website, blending informative elements with strategic lead generation techniques
3. Free hosting, maintenance, free regular updates and continued optimization of your website.


Feedback Collection System - $200/month

1. Incorporating a email/sms marketing campaign that uses follow up to induce emotional response to generate feedback and reduce feeling of inconvenience.
2. The use of our comprehensive, customizable, feedback form creation process to create the best form you need to gain the customer and industry insights that you need.


SEO - $1500/month

1. Five 500-1000 words articles/blogs writing each month after you’ve chosen the topic based on keyword difficultly and client interests.
2. Technical on page SEO (meta descriptions, body tags, url structure, keyword density, mobile friendly, schema, xml sitemap, page speed optimizations and more)
3. 20 backlinks to your website each month to increase site authority.
4. General management of your SEO campaign identifying new opportunities


Useful applications and features - $1000+ / month

Includes extremely useful applications and features such as website appointment book, email/sms appointment followup/cancellation system, website job posting application, website 5 star review display application, online payment gateway, live website chat application, ai-powered website chatbot, and lead magnet creation.


Free gift from us - Social Media Marketing - $500/month

1. 30 monthly content social media posts on neither of the social media platforms( ie. 10 facebook + 10 instagram + 10 for twitter)
2. Management of your social media pages including response to comments and encouraging engagement.
3. Monthly creation of an infographics that you can use on social media as well as on your website.



100% Secured. Pay with credit card through stripe or through Paypal.

Please contact us at 1888-812-1050 for any questions or concerns.

Social Media Marketing

Understanding the power of social media as a tool for establishing connections and fostering community, we at Acorn Marketing take a personalized approach to social media marketing. Recognizing that no two businesses are the same, we strive to understand your unique objectives, identify your target audience, and craft bespoke strategies that align with your specific needs. 

We assist in selecting the right platforms for your business, navigating the landscape of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to ensure your presence is where it matters most. Our team of creative professionals is dedicated to producing engaging content that not only embodies your brand voice but also resonates with and encourages interaction from your audience.

As your partner in social media success, we go beyond meeting expectations. We’re committed to leveraging social media’s transformative power to help your business reach its goals, guiding you through this dynamic marketing medium, and fostering meaningful connections with your audience to propel your business forward.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I able to retain my current website?

While our package involves ongoing work that requires a platform we’re familiar with, we can replicate your current website design and functionality. In addition, we’ll ensure the preservation of your page URLs and implement practices that safeguard your SEO rankings.

Our primary goal is to enhance your website’s sales and lead conversion rates. We’ll provide you with a list of potential improvements that are guaranteed to elevate your site’s effectiveness. Moreover, we’ll regularly update your website as we collaborate with you.

Can I continue to use my existing feedback process?

Certainly! If you’re satisfied with your current feedback process, feel free to continue using it. However, we encourage you to explore our content creation strategy for feedback forms. It might inspire additions to your process.

Our method’s advantage lies in its automation and subsequent follow-ups, requiring less effort on your part. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with our review process, generating valuable customer reviews for your business. This integrated system might be worth considering.

Why do I need a process for reviews? Can't I just ask customers to leave them?

While asking for reviews is a good practice, having a structured follow-up process enhances the chances of receiving them, as customers often forget. Our review process is intertwined with our feedback process, which lets you gather diverse customer insights, from demographics and habits to industry information and customer service perceptions.


With automation and follow-ups, our system minimizes your workload while yielding valuable information for your business.

Why do I need a feedback process if I already have a review process? Can’t I collect customer feedback from reviews?

Although customer reviews provide insights, feedback forms allow more targeted data collection. We can zero in on specific areas such as customer demographics, product and service perceptions, and potential future offerings. This method is particularly useful for understanding customers who might’ve had a less-than-ideal experience but chose not to leave a negative review.

For example with a feedback process, you can narrow in on items such as how customers found you, customer habits, customer demographics, competitive information, industry information, information about your product and services, information about your pricing/value,  information about your customer service, information on your communication, information about your business process, information about your website, information on

Isn't this package a bit costly?

The comprehensive vast amount of deliverables provided and managed consistently are worth your investment. Consider the cost of employing a full-time marketing specialist for your business. Beyond that, even a marketing expert may lack the technical expertise needed for website creation and application setup, which we handle for you as well.

When can I expect to see results from SEO or Local SEO?

The timeline for SEO results depends significantly on your local area’s competitiveness. Generally, you may start noticing an increase in inquiries from the third or fourth month. However, this can vary due to numerous factors.

It’s essential to manage your expectations. Contrary to some marketing firms, we provide honest outlooks. Most business owners anticipate a linear progression with SEO, while in reality, it follows a logarithmic pattern, which can initially seem slow but accelerates over time.