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AcornCRM: Your Comprehensive Customer Relationship Management Software

AcornCRM is a robust platform for managing all aspects of customer relationships. It features advanced contact management to keep track of customer details and interactions. Lead tracking ensures potential sales are captured and nurtured, while sales pipeline management offers a clear view of your sales process. The system also records every client interaction, providing a rich history for personalized service and strategic decision-making. AcornCRM revolutionizes your business operations, customer engagement, and growth strategy with a suite of advanced CRM and SaaS tools. Here’s a closer look at the key features of AcornCRM:

AcornCRM: comprehensive CRM features



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Marketing Automation Tools

Integrated within AcornCRM are powerful marketing automation tools. Manage and personalize email campaigns, engage customers through SMS marketing, and maintain an active presence across social media platforms. These tools are essential for effective lead generation and nurturing, enabling personalized and timely communication.

Client Communication Channels

AcornCRM integrates multiple communication channels like VoIP, SMS, and email for seamless client interactions. This ensures efficient communication across preferred channels, enhancing the customer experience.

Reporting and Analytics:

AcornCRM’s reporting and analytics tools offer deep insights into campaign performance, sales trends, and customer behaviors. This data is crucial for informed decision-making and tailoring marketing and sales strategies.

Workflow Automation

Automate essential business tasks such as follow-ups, invoicing, and data entry with AcornCRM. This increases operational efficiency and allows your team to focus on strategic initiatives.

Appointment Scheduling and Reminder Management:

Simplify appointment scheduling with AcornCRM’s intuitive system. Automated reminders reduce no-shows by ensuring clients are timely notified of their upcoming appointments.

Billing and Invoicing

AcornCRM includes a comprehensive billing and invoicing system, streamlining financial processes and improving cash flow management. It simplifies invoice creation and tracking, making the billing process more efficient.

Client Portal Access

Provide clients with a self-service portal through AcornCRM. This feature enhances client engagement and satisfaction by offering direct control over their interactions with your business.

Mobile and web app Accessibility

Manage your AcornCRM tools on the go with our mobile app or mobile-friendly access, ensuring business continuity and flexibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need someone else to manage my PPC Campaign?

If you’ve never had adequate training, you are leaving money on the table. PPC platforms such as google ads and bing ads are actually pretty difficult to use properly.

Do you have a way of generating massive lists of keywords and negative keywords other than just brainstorming? Deep understanding of ad extensions? Remarketing? Ad scripts to position? Different profitable bidding strategies? Constantly monitoring and refinement of your PPC accounts?

A successful PPC campaign is pretty much a full time job. You should leave it to the professionals!

Why do we love Google Ads?

Google ads use an auction model on certain keywords. Each advertiser can put in a bid on how the maximum amount they are willing to pay. This allows us to find out quickly our conversion rates and if our campaigns would be profitable. Google keywords also have very high commercial intent. Usually when people are searching on google, they are searching for a solution to a problem. These keywords are extremely high converting and profitable especially if you can get your metrics right.

How much does PPC cost?

This is a good question.

Google and Bing Ads pretty much work with any budget. The key metrics is profitability and your ability to keep up with work demand or inventory. If you find a profitable campaign and can get your google or bing ads down right, then it is in your best interest to ramp it up as much as you can handle.

There are a lot of different factors that will determine how much a PPC Campaign will cost including finding the correct keywords and negative keywords, correct bidding strategies, continuous improvement and tinkering, and improving the conversion rate of your website.

Do people actually click on PPC ads?


Google is now making PPC ads look more and more like organic results. In fact, PPC results bring in more than 45% of all the clicked results. As mobile searches increase, more people who see your ad will also be more likely to call you directly. Companies invest millions of dollars in Google Ads each year and keep doing it because it works.

The keywords that I want are way too expensive, should I still invest in it?


The reason they are so expensive is because they work and people compete for them. This shouldn’t be looked at as a bad thing. Even though google ads for certain keywords aren’t as cheap as they used to be, it is still far away from a perfect competition. You would be surprised at the sheer amount of people we see using unoptimized bidding strategies, keywords, sales copy, landing pages and remarketing and still doing so profitability.

My competitors have a bigger advertising budget than me. Can I still compete with them?

Due to the sheer amount of keywords and search volume on google It is pretty much impossible to have a monopoly for all the keyword spots no matter what your budget is. Google and Bing Ads are also less about budget than about having a cheaper conversion rate. As long as you can get a cheaper conversion rate, you can actually dominate your competitors that have bigger budgets.

How can you be sure you aren’t wasting your money?

The majority of the time, bidders are bidding on keywords that don’t relate to their company or bidding on non-tangentially related keywords. This is happening because Google AdWords has optimization suggestions that can encourage you to advertise more on specific keywords or to use the broad-match option instead of phrases match, or an exact match. The result is that you’re putting ads on search results which aren’t being searched by people who aren’t interested in the product you’re trying to promote.

Google earns the majority of its revenue through AdWords. They provide high-quality organic results, which means that users continue to use the search engines. The companies that don’t know how to be successful in the local level of SEO or who want to gain an edge over competitors spend more than their marketing budgets on AdWords. To be honest, spending money on Google PPC ads is an effective strategy in the event that you’re getting leads to convert and making money off the leads.

The other major issue with bidding on keywords that aren’t relevant is that you’re sending users to a site that’s not optimized to bring in leads. If you click on your advertisement and click it, they’re directed to a webpage with details about sales related to the keyword, and a contact form at to the very top that collects their data to use for the future use in communications (First name and last name, Phone, Email, Company, etc.). If it is possible, the webpage should be designed to only allow potential customers to complete your lead’s contact forms and should not offer a way to move away from this single action.

Why should a business owner hire someone else to manage their adwords?

There are a number of reasons why a business owner might hire someone else to manage their AdWords account. First, AdWords can be complex and time-consuming, and it may be difficult for a busy business owner to keep up with all the changes and best practices. Second, a good AdWords manager can save the business owner money by optimizing the account to get the best results possible. Finally, a good AdWords manager can help the business owner to better understand their customers and target their ads more effectively using better landing pages and copywriting.