Benefits Of Choosing Us For SEO

Ranked on Google

Google is the world’s number one search engine. Getting ranked organically for certain keywords means that you’re allowing people searching for solutions to their problem to find your business as well as establish market trust.

Fully Optimized On-Page SEO

Everything from putting keywords, titles, anchor tags, meta tags, and internal linking into your webpages and its content. Very nerdy stuff but we do it well and we’ve got you covered.

Ranked on Bing

Even though not as popular as google, bing has the potential to be higher converting in certain industries because it is used by people who are less technology inclined. This means they are more susceptible to advertising and your landing pages.

Public Outreach for Rankings

Outreach is one of the top ranking factors for search engines. We will conduct everything from creating citations, backlinks, guest posts, forum submissions, commenting, questions and answers, reviews, and newsletters. It is also great for PR!

Ranked in Google Local 3 Pack

More people are using smartphones when searching for a local business today. Getting your business ranked in Google Local 3 pack means that people are more likely to use their phone and call your business directly.

Conversion-Focused Website Design

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Great Content for your website

If you like to take a hands off approach to your website and SEO, we can do all the content creation for you. We will do in depth research on the topic and create excellent articles search engines will love.

Excellent Communication and Reporting

We provide excellent communications and foster long term client relationships. We will also provide you with accurate analytics reporting each month and will focus on metrics that matters to your bottom line the most.

What We Will Do For You….

N  Local Competitive Research

N National and International SEO Strategy Research

N Keyword Research

N Building Citations and listing

N Building backlinks

N Negative SEO Removal

N Rank tracking

N Monthly Progress Reports

N Guest blogging

N Google My Business Optimization/Creation

N Keywords Based Content Creation

N Service Area Based Content Creation

N On page SEO optimization

N Technical SEO

N Website Security License

N Continuous Optimization and Improvement

N Website Speed Optimization

N Google Analytics Tracking

N Social Media Management

N Reviews management

N Webmaster tools

N Conversion-Based Web Design

N Mobile Optimized Web Design

Our Foolproof 5 Step Process to a Successful SEO Campaign

In Depth Analysis/Planning

The first thing we will do is to analyze your current digital footprint and the competition that you are trying to outrank.

Keywords Research

Using these three metrics, we will target the keywords that we feel will get you the fastest results first with our content creation plans.

Content Creation

If you want to create content yourself that would be great but we understand you probably don’t have time to write articles.


SEO is not possible without getting other resources to point back at your content. Google algorithms are getting smarter and therefore we need to work even more intelligently and efficiently in order to please the algorithms.

Continuous Upkeep and Improvement

Search engines’ algorithms place an emphasis on fresh content and reward sites that produce new content and update old ones regularly.

SEO Packages

Bronze Package


For small businesses in less competitive location and industry

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✓ In depth Research
✓ 5 targeted keywords
✓ 1 blog article/blog post
✓ Google my business page optimization
✓ NAP audit/configuration
✓ 4 citations
✓ Reviews recommendations/setup
✓ Basic Web Design (bronze web design package)
✓ On-page optimization of 2 web pages

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Silver Package


For small businesses in a decently competitive location and industry

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✓ In depth Research
✓ 10 targeted keywords
✓ 2 blog post
✓ Google my business page optimization
✓ NAP audit/configuration
✓ 4 citations sources
✓ Reviews recommendations/setup
✓ 3 high quality backlinks
✓ 2 forum submission
✓ 4 On-Page optimization
✓ Nap Audit
✓ Website Redesign
✓ Web Redesign (silver web design package)
✓ On-page optimization of 4 web pages

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Gold Package


For small to medium sized businesses in a competitive location and industry

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✓ In depth Research
✓ 25 targeted keywords
✓ 4 articles/blog posts
✓ Google my business page optimization
✓ NAP audit/configuration
✓ 6 citations sources
✓ Reviews recommendations/setup
✓ Website Redesign (gold web design package)
✓ On-page optimization of 7 web pages
✓ Landing pages
✓ Email list capture setup
✓ Web Redesign (gold package)

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Platium Package


For medium sized business in a competitive location and industry who wants to rapidly expand.

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✓ In depth Research
✓ 40 keywords optimization
✓ 7 articles/blog posts
✓ Google my business page optimization
✓ NAP audit/configuration
✓ 6 citations sources
✓ Reviews recommendations/setup
✓ Landing pages
✓ Website redesign (platinum web design package)
✓ Unlimited Landing Pages
✓ Email list capture setup
✓ 4 newsletters
✓ 12 On page optimizations
✓ Web Redesign (platinum package)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is local SEO important for my business?

Local SEO allows business owners to have fast, informative, user-friendly websites that will rank higher in search engines. This gives your potential customer the information that they are searching for leading you to build trust with them. If your site is optimized for conversion, this will lead to your web visitors converting into customers paying you money.

What's the problem with most SEO agencies today?

The main problem that a business will run into when hiring a SEO agency is setting unrealistic expectations when the agency is pitching the SEO services to you. In order to get the sale, SEO agencies charge too little for their services while giving extremely high expectations causing problems down the line. This is unethical! If your competitors are spending 2X, 5X 10X more for SEO, it is nearly impossible to outrank them no matter what anyone tells you . An in depth analysis has to be conducted into your industry and competition and realistic goal setting and expectations has to be set based on your budget. We are willing to give it to you straight, even if it means losing the sale.

Is SEO free traffic?

Once you are able to rank organically for certain keywords then all the traffic coming to your site would be free. In certain industries, companies would spend hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars for PPC ads each year for these keywords. The process of getting your site ranked on google would depend on a variety of factors including the competition in your industry and the amount of effort you put in.

Is SEO cheap to do?

Realistic expectation is key! Depending on how competitive your industry is and how competitive it is within your locations, SEO can be really cheap or it can be extremely expensive. Industries such as law firms or plastic surgeons with high lifetime value of clients spend upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to compete for rankings. They also keep spending that amount in order to keep their ranking. In order industries, you can see results and have your phone ringing almost instantaneously. Please contact us for a free consultation and audit.

Is SEO always the best solution for my business/industry?
Not necessary. In some industries, the competition is so intense that outranking your competitors is just not worth spending your money on. Even if you are willing to spend money to outrank your competitors you might still not be able to due to the number of years your competitors have been doing SEO and the compounding effects of it.  Fortunately, this is not the case in most industries. Most of the competition we see neither aren’t putting enough effort into it or don’t know what they are doing. Even in competitive industries, we can target certain keywords that are long tail which have commercial intent. Also keep in mind google search allows 10 results per page and although it’s nice to rank #1, you will still get traffic if ranked on the first or even second page. Realistic expectations and in-depth analysis must be conducted to see if SEO is worth your money. In rare cases, money it would take to invest in SEO would probablybe better off to be used in PPC. Please contact us for a free consultation to see what’s best for your business.
Do you only have the 4 SEO Plans?

No, we can custom tailor a plan to suit your needs. In most cases we will custom tailor a plan to our clients in the planning and discovery phase. Please reach out to us for a free consultation and quote.

How long until I can see results on SEO?

We can give you a pretty good estimate but note it is difficult to predict with 100% accuracy due to factors such as google algorithm changes, industry changes, and your competitors renewed focus on their SEO. We would say most often it would take 3-6 month to see noticeable results. Realistic expectations will be set on our end in order to not mislead you.

Do you require any contracts?

We believe in happy business relationships. Due to the resources it would take for us to complete a website redesign the first month however, we do require you to stay onboard for at least 3 months in any SEO package involving a web design redesign so that we can at least break even. If you want out of your SEO contract before that time frame, we will just charge the cost of developing a website at a reasonable price.

We do recommend however you stay with us for at least 6 month to see noticeable results depending on the package you choose. Patience is key to SEO.

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