About Us

About Our Founder

Kevin Jia

Kevin started Acorn Marketing in 2020 having 15+ years of experience and extraordinary passion in marketing and digital marketing. Prior to 2020 that Kevin ran a successful offline marketing agency managing a team of 15+ individuals but due to the pandemic the business pivoted into digital marketing. Kevin put all his efforts into creating a team of highly creative, smart and knowledgeable team members in the field of web design, SEO, PPC ads and competitive/industry research.  He is a strong believer in continuous learning, good habits and laser focus and creating systems for success.

In his alternative lives, Kevin has travelled to 50+ countries, speaks 3 different languages, and was one of the top salesman for a multinational corporation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring tremendous value to our clients. We strongly believe in creating so much customer value that our clients love us and stay with us for the long-term and refer us to others. This is not because we are very altruistic (although we tend to be generally speaking), it is plain good business practices. We understand your goals for investing in marketing is not to be fancy looking or to have a fancy website, it is to increase your bottom line and we approach everything we do with that mentality.

Our competitive nature!

Don’t let the friendly visade fool you. We are highly competitive when it comes to being the best in our field. In our spare time and just for fun, we are constantly looking at other digital marketing agencies and what kind of services, deliverables, or secret sauce they are providing to their customers on the back end with high level SEO tools. We then analyze and improve on this process for our clients. We will take the same competitive nature and vigor when it comes to your competition as well.